In the poem section you will find sixteen poems that I wrote under the title Conversing with God. The intent with these poems is to invite you to journey with me more deeply into the richness of God’s amazing grace. I write as if I am really conversing with God and God answers. There is humor, vulnerability, honesty and much grace.  If you would like to have a copy of these poems with a beautiful graphic design and an icon on the cover, go to my web site to purchase it.

Here is a list of the poems and an example of one of my poems. All of them are gifts from God. The poems are available in the poems category on this site.

List of poems

What Awakens God in the Middle of the Night

Did You Know
You Learned Along the Way Not to Believe in Love

How Outrageous
Just Stop
But that Knowing was Out of my Reach

God Smiles
When I Look at All this Beauty
Just Show Up

These are All Just Signs
We’re so Silly
Longing for Epiphanies

That’s All I’ve Got to Say
You are my Light in the World
The Good Life
Multiply that by Infinity

A Pile of Debris

You Learned Along the Way Not to Believe in Love

I asked God a question
that’s been plaguing me
for a long time

As I travel on my journey
and uncover miracles
in the midst of pain

Why do I still doubt

God became very quiet
sighed then smiled at me

Because you are afraid and
you learned along the way
not to believe in love

But why did I learn
not to believe in love

Because you have never
felt the depths of mine

then God took me
gently in his arms

©Janet O. Hagberg, 2006