This is a list of all the essays available on this site. They are not in any particular order but each one links with the essay it describes. Or you can go to the categories section to see which category of essays is most appealing to you. If you subscribe to this site, you will receive one of these essays or an icon or a poem each week for the next few years. Blessings on your life…

1-Dayanu: It Would Have Been Enough

2-A Rooster and Some Sheep

3-Jesus Walked on By

4-Gaining Wisdom from a Grocery Bag

5-The Poor in Spirit: Why are They Blessed?

6-Animals as Angels

7-When Fear Comes: Sit it in Your Lap

8-Are You Going Home for Christmas?

9-The Richness of Not Wanting

10-No Whining: Jonah’s Story

11-Emptying to Make Space for the Holy

12-The Sheer Joy of God’s Humor

13-Humility as God’s Ho Ho

14-God’s joke: The Vanishing Cemetery Plot

15-What Good is Gratitude?

16-God and My Brass Bed

17-What I Do When I’m Sad and Blue

18-Chaos Reeks of God

19-Shocking Me Into New Directions

20-Be Careful What You Pray For

21-Tears, Dredlocks, and a Street Retreat

22-Supersized Fear

23-Is God’s Grace Sufficient?

24-White Blouse Blues

25-Forty Dollars and an old Pick-up Truck

26-The Sensuous God

27- Saga of the Black Skirt

28-Handing Over the Reins and Riding Shotgun

29-Fear as a Spiritual Gift

30-Holy Brokenness

31-Surviving Christmas

32-Beauty as a Thin Place

33-Sadness, A homeless Man, Jesus and Mice

34-Holy Homeless Hug

35-When families Split

36-I Could Die Now

37-A Reluctant Healer

38-Pride Comes Before a Fall

39-Sharing the Pain

40-The Black Madonna

41-Healing Threads

42-God’s Longing

43-The Spirituality of Baseball


45-Waking Up to Shame

46-Threatened with Resurrection

47-Our bodies as Temples

48-Healing from Intimidation

49-Gossip as Self Help

50-Electric Days

51-Doors Open, Doors Close

52-Broken Bones Rejoicing?


54-Is Money the Culprit?

55-Boredom and His Sister, Loneliness

56-Is this God, or What?

57-Surrendering to God

58-Marriage: Excruciatingly Wonderful

59-Anger is Good for Cleaning Out Closets

60-I Put God on Probation

61-Becoming a Whole Woman

62-Die Before you Die

63-Anatomy of Estrangement and Reconciliation

64-A Beam of Light

65-Beyond Blame and Shame

66-Forgiveness is a Process

67-Moving from Victim to Wisdom Figure