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Reflections on this poem

How do you show trust in God?
How does God show his miracles to you?
Do you still have a trust or doubt issue?

How can you let in God’s love, and be in God’s arms?

Many of us wonder how and why God does what God does! And we question God’s role in our lives. Here is a short video that Tamie Koehler and I did showing how we experience God working in our lives, calling us ever closer and sometimes with humor.


Reflections on this video

How do you experience God in your life?
What is your image of God?

How does God meddle in kind ways in your life?

What would you like from God now?



This video briefly describes a model for approaching estrangement with the intention of healing from the experience. There is also an essay that describes how this model works. I will publish it next week.



You Learned Along the Way not to Believe in Love

Reflections on this poem

What miracles have you experienced along the way in your life?
Do you still doubt God too?
How do you experience God sitting patiently with you while you experience your own doubts?
How are you experiencing the depths of God’s love?
How is God gently holding you in his arms?

Thanks to Michael Bischoff for his gentle hand in the producing of this and all my other poems/videos.

Reflections on this video

What is the part of yourself that you have the hardest time loving?

Where did you get that message, that it or you are not loveable?

Who loves you no matter what?

Are you courageous enough to love all of you?

How much of you does God love?

Janet O. Hagberg, 2012. Thanks to Michael Bischoff for putting the photos together.


Reflections on this poem:
Do you feel you were created in the image of God?
How does that effect your sense of self?
Do you feel God loves you?
How are you aware of that love?
How can you remind yourself of God’s divine creation and love for you?

Janet O. Hagberg, 2012, all rights reserved

Reflections on this poem:
When have you noticed that you said yes when you wish you would have said no?

When has a crisis ended up making you a better person? How?

How has fear or anger been your greatest liberator?

When have you observed a deeper part of you that emerged as you gained wisdom in your life?

My brother and I had a brief reconciliation in which we reconnected and talked about our early family life. We got to a point of being able to talk to one another but in truth we never found a way to really be brother and sister. We loved one another but did not “like” one another. But it was, in the end, better than the estrangement we had experienced for about fifteen years. When he died I wrote an essay about how I learned to redeem his life of chronic alcoholism–and therefore part of my own. It’s called A Beam of Light. I will share that on the blog in the future.

Reflections on this poem:
How does this poem resonate with you–recognizing any pile of debris from your family?
Where are the glimmers of hope for you in your healing of family issues?
How has God been present to you on this journey?

Reflections on this video
How have you experienced God’s humor?
How does it affect the situation you are in?
How does it change your view of God?

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