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Forgiveness is a Process

Forgiveness Is a Process Forgiving may be the most difficult task in our lives. To forgive, we have to let go of our resentments, our need to be right or to be vindicated or to see justice done. Forgiveness moves us from justice to mercy. But once we have been wronged, our hurt urges us […]

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This is a list of all the essays available on this site. They are not in any particular order but each one links with the essay it describes. Or you can go to the categories section to see which category of essays is most appealing to you. If you subscribe to this site, you will […]

Hell or Hellish? by Janet Hagberg

Hell or Hellish? Reflections on the Afterlife and Near Death experiences   Hell. Hellish. Gates of hell. Go to hell! Gnashing of teeth. Hell to pay. Hellion. Hellfire. Brimstone. Millstones. To hell and back. To hell with you! Eternal damnation. Unforgivable sin.   What is hell and how does it inform our lives? Is it […]

Loving Yourself in Four Hard Steps, by Barry Thomas, part 2 of 2

Loving Yourself in 4 Hard Steps (Part 2 of 2) By Barry Thomas In last week’s blog post I began talking about how to love yourself by focusing on the parts of yourself you hide and deny. I presented the first two steps in the process: AWARENESS and ACCEPTANCE. (If you didn’t see it, read […]

Loving Yourself in Four Hard Steps, by Barry Thomas (part 1 of 2)

Loving Yourself in 4 Hard Steps (Part 1 of 2) By Barry Thomas Several years ago I was reading Janet Hagberg’s book, The Critical Journey, and came upon the infamous chapter about The Wall. I have told Janet a few different times over the years there is one page in the middle of that chapter […]

Hands of Reconciliation, by Janet Hagberg

  Hands of Reconciliation An icon in the “shiver” series: Janet O. Hagberg, artist, with Joseph Mallard   Listen, O people, in the silent chapel of your heart; and the Beloved will speak of peace to you, to the hidden saints, to all who turn their hearts to love. Surely new life is at hand […]

What is Church? Why Church? Part VI

What is Church? Why Church? Part VI   This week I’ll post several six-word answers and two longer essays by two people who teach at different seminaries. They are from different walks of life so their take will be interesting. One is a mostly-Irish male with a mixture of religious backgrounds and the other is […]

What is Church? Why Church? 3rd in series

What is Church? Why Church? Three essays have come my way that all mention AA/Al Anon as church so I share them all at once. Hmmmm.  This essay is by Chelsea Forbrook, a thirty-year-old who is an “old soul.” She has been thoughtful about her spiritual journey for several years and has taught workshops with […]

Estrangement: Journey to Wholeness

Estrangement: Journey to Wholeness   Most people have experienced estrangement of one kind or another. Estrangements can occur abruptly, like a big fight that ends a relationship (family feuds for example). While other estrangements happen to us, like a job loss we felt was unfair. And some estrangements we initiate ourselves, like choosing conscious boundaries […]

Threatened with Resurrection

Threatened with Resurrection (Although I wrote this several years ago, it remains my favorite Easter message so I publish it each year. I hope it resonates with you as well. Happy Easter.)   I awoke early Easter Sunday morning expecting to feel joy and relief after a difficult Lent in which I was called to […]