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Becoming a Whole Woman (Man)

Becoming a Whole Woman (Man) What does it mean to be a whole woman? Just for a minute, jot down the images or words that come to mind that describe a whole woman. (men, do this to describe whole men and follow your own path through this essay). If you follow cultural prescriptions you might […]

The Notorious Woman

This is a sermon by one of my favorite people, Gary Klingsporn, describing the story of one of my favorite women in scripture. With his permission I share the notorious woman with you. The questions he asks at the end are the ones I offer you for reflection. Sorry about the editorial glitches. I tried:-) […]

What is Church? Why Church? 3rd in series

What is Church? Why Church? Three essays have come my way that all mention AA/Al Anon as church so I share them all at once. Hmmmm.  This essay is by Chelsea Forbrook, a thirty-year-old who is an “old soul.” She has been thoughtful about her spiritual journey for several years and has taught workshops with […]

Essays Index

This is a list of all the essays available on this site. They are not in any particular order but each one links with the essay it describes. Or you can go to the categories section to see which category of essays is most appealing to you. If you subscribe to this site, you will […]

Love, Work, Play, by Janet Hagberg

Love, Work, Play I’ve been thinking about marriage a lot this summer since I was invited to three weddings. It raises reflections for me about the connection of love and marriage. While I was mulling this, I remembered a quote from Sigmund Freud stating that humans need two things in order to be satisfied; love […]

Essential Sadness, Essential Joy

Essential Sadness, Essential Joy I remember a phrase from my twenties that went something like “Into every life some rain will fall.” There was also a song lyric that included the phrase “Many a tear has to fall, but it’s all in the game.” While I don’t like dwelling on tears and rain, I’ve also […]

Let Your Yes be Yes and Your No be No

Let Your Yes be Yes and Your No be No I’ve always been intrigued and challenged by the ideas expressed in two scripture verses about simply saying the truth. In Mark 5:37 and James 5:12 we are directed not to use oaths but let our yes be simply be yes and our no be simply […]

Unless a Grain Falls

Unless a Grain Falls  Sermon by Barbara Brown Taylor  John 12:20-33 Last week a woman came to see me for some help with her power bill. After I handed her the check, she said, “What kind of church is this, anyway?” I told her it was an Episcopal church, which did not appear to help […]

God and my Brass Bed

God and My Brass Bed   On my journey of becoming smaller and simpler, I’ve noticed that God has a gentle way of pointing out what I need to release. It is usually something I am clinging to. It’s not that God makes me release things I love, but I can see that the things […]