Dear Subscribers,

These personal beatitude poems are the last in my beatitude series. I hope you enjoyed the alternative interpretations for the beatitudes.

I am pleased to announce the addition of three guest bloggers for the next 6 months. They are all vitally interesting people, have active and questioning faith and a wonderful way with words. They range in age from mid 30s to mid 50s. With gratitude, I introduce you to Jessica Sanborn, Michael Bischoff and Tracy Mooty. I hope you will read their posts and comment when you feel the urge.

They will take three weeks of each month and I will take one week. I’m doing this partly to introduce you to new voices but also because I’m entering a new phase of life/work myself. I’m facilitating a 10-month process for a handful of people who desire to be healers in their everyday walks of life. I’m eager to walk with them and to learn from them, as well as pour God’s love into them. So keep us all in your prayers as we move forward on this grand adventure. I may post information from the process from time to time. We’ll see how the spirit moves within me. And thanks for being along for the journey.

Janet Hagberg