Today I share with you a refreshing prayer that I just received from Alice Loddigs in her little book of prayers called Insaneprayers. She has a blog, Thanks Alice for this helpful prayer.


hello God. it’s me. alice

remember me?

of course you do


you must be wondering the same thing

as i’ve been pretty quiet for some time

but i do remember you too


i’m hearing that you like to hear from me

i’m thinking you like boldness in your friends

i’m really trying to learn to be more vocal


i’m seeing you at work in my life

and in my head

and in my heart

and frankly it scares me  just a bit


do i have any audacious temerity?


i believe in you

why is it SO hard

to believe that YOU

have faith in ME?


i believe

dear God, help my unbelief


Reflections on this prayer

What is the bold prayer you would like to pray to God?

What holds you back?

What do you think about God’s faith in you?

What scares you about God at work in your life?