In this series of blogs about God’s consuming love, I will show where it appears in our lives, sometimes in dark and lonely places. This Edwina Gateley poem captures, elegantly, the exact moment of God’s appearance.

I fell into the abyss,

hurtled down

from once firm ground,

watched the brilliant colors

of my life

fade and merge

like a dying mist,

heard the vibrant laughter

of friends gathered

dissolve into

distant echoes,

and felt the slipping away

of secure familiar places.

I fell into the abyss,

knowing nothing now,

holding nothing now.

And as I lay desolate,

God, fiery love,

greeted me

in the void,



Edwina Gateley, from A Mystical Heart

Reflections on this poem:

What is your abyss?

How does it feel to you?

How did/does God meet you there?

What shimmers in your life now?