I am making my debut as an artist this month at Art-a-Whirl, the artistic celebration in NE Mpls. I would be so delighted if you could come and celebrate with me and several other artists. We’ll have wearable art, icons, well-beings!, jewelry and other wonders.

We will be at Studio 1400, the new studio in the home of my friend–Georgia. The address is 1400 3rd Street NE, just two blocks north of Broadway and one block west of University.

We make wicked good brownies and chocolate chippers!

Dates: Saturday May 18 12-5 and Sunday May 19 2-5

I am also sending you all a video of one of my poems. Although it’s not directly about money, which is my theme this month, it is about doubt and love and God. These three seemed to be really about money after all!