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We are in the season of Lent. The forty days of Lent are intended to prepare us for Holy Week and Easter. Some people view Lent as a time to be reflective and to consider changes in their lives. Some refrain from certain things like activities or foods while others add things that will remind them of their relationship with God, like going on a retreat or being more intentional about prayer. I like using the metaphor of death and resurrection to ask what in my life needs to die and what needs to come to life. This year I’m going through Lent by following the story of Mary Magdalene.

During the next several weeks before Easter I will share with you several different reflections on the season starting today with my homey view of what it all means and ending with a challenging essay called Threatened with Resurrection. I hope you all are inspired to take your personal meaning of Lent into your heart and let it feed and nourish you.